Vocal Coach

Private Singing Tuition

With a Masters in Musical Theatre, Mountview Academy of Performing Arts London and a Bachelor of Music classical voice, Adelaide Conservartorium of Music, Michaela Burger is a full time professional singer, performer, actress and voice coach.

Having over 20 years in the performing industry in addition to 10 years of experience teaching voice and singing, Michaela helps people to reconnect with and find ease and flexibility in their natural voice. From beginners to advanced, singers to speakers, and for anyone who just wants to reconnect with their own voice.

As well as vocal technique, her experience as a performer and actress enables her to coach students in performance technique i.e. connecting with the text in their repertoire as well as expressing themselves through song.

Michaela was the first teacher of Grace Bawden, Finalist of Australia’s Got Talent, 2008 and teaches many prize winning students.

During her time in the UK, Michaela was a vocal coach at UK’s prestigious Stage Coach performing arts schools.

Free Your Natural Voice workshops

In addition to private lessons, she runs Free Your Natural Voice workshops both privately [minimum groups of 5], and publicly [future dates to be added].

Experience what it’s like to speak and sing with your natural voice. Learn how to have more ease, flexibility, stability, strength and confidence in your voice and how to sing and speak from a more open, expressive and comfortable space.

Free Your Natural Voice workshops focus on helping people, through awareness, find the full potential of their natural voice. These workshops, run by singer, performer and voice coach Michaela Burger, include one-on-one personal advice on how to connect with and free your natural voice.

As well as students, teachers, lecturers, celebrants, auctioneers, parents, people who hold seminars or presentations or anybody who performs any kind of public talking, singers, actors and those who generally want to improve their confidence and communication skills these workshops have proven to be of benefit to anyone who simply wants to reconnect and discover the power of their natural voice.

Please note: These workshops focus on the holistic approach to vocal production therefore as well as people interested in singing, they are very suitable for people who are only interested in freeing their spoken voice.

“Helpful on a practical level… Free Your Natural Voice is clearly the result of understanding and experience. It is both challenging and achievable therefore profoundly enjoyable.” William, USA

“Michaela is not only a very warm person but also a very experienced professional. Her method is based on maintaining a good relationship with your voice and letting you reveal your true capacities. She has an individual approach to everyone and is able to think outside the box.” Aija Rozentala

Workshop Participant and now attends private lessons.

“I thought I’d take a few singing lessons to allow me to sing in the shower and not dread the sound of my own voice, but Michaela has not only given me more confidence but given me new goals to strive for. Her always friendly advice and happy nature make lessons something to look forward to and her teaching methods make such a noticeable difference.” Kristina Adanichkin

“This workshop is very helpful! It was amazing to find after a few simple exercises that I can use my voice more efficiently and even breath easier! I’m also finding the take home exercises useful to improve the clarity in my speech…I can’t wait for the next workshop! Thanks Michaela” Megan Avery, France

“The workshop really makes a difference to the way your voice works. Better than any workshop I have attended.” Elysia Boyd

“I felt really great and more confident! The workshop gave me a chance to get to know my own voice and helped me to improve it a lot better.” Casie Chalmers

“Michaela is an amazing teacher. I (38) could never sing – I was the one who was always told to shut up in school and when it came to “Happy Birthday”, Christmas carols or sing alongs I only moved my lips…but I wanted to learn singing!!!

Michaela taught me in only 3 private lessons the basic technics and now I can sing “Happy Birthday” and my favourite song “You don’t own me”. This is amazing. I never thought that this is possible…I rejoice for all Australians who have the the possibility to get singing lessons or voice training from Michaela.” Monika Fischer, Germany